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DFLP: Trump's talk about the «direct negotiations» is an underestimation to the minds, a denial to the reality and a bias to the policies of occupation and settlement

The Spokesman of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, commented on the words of the US President Trump - that the direct negotiations are the way to the peace in the region - as an underestimation to the minds of humans, a fraud , a denial to the reality, and a negligence to more than 25 years of negotiation , without reaching a solution, due to the Israeli intransigence and the insistence of Tel Aviv in refusing to commit to the international legitimacy resolutions that guarantee the minimum of the national legitimate rights for the people.

The DFLP spokesman said that Trump's statement, came in a phone call with Netanyahu, and it presents clear signs about the nature of the coming US policies on the Palestinian situation.

The spokesman also noted that ,Trump's talks about the direct negotiations ,came directly after the decision of Netanyahu's government to build 566 new colonial settler apartment in the Jerusalem area, what reinforces the annexation of East Jerusalem, the capital of the Palestinian state to Israel, and creates more facts that would impede reaching a solution, that could ensure to our people their right in an independent state with full sovereignty and its capital in East Jerusalem, on the borders of June 4th 1967.

The spokesman concluded his statement by calling the Palestinian official leadership and the PLO to not bet on the American policies to reach to balanced solutions to the conflict with Israel and ending the occupation and the salvation of the settlement, and he called for the adoption of the alternative policy, by the adherence and the application of the National Conciliation Document (2006) and the Central Council's decisions at its last session and to implement what was resulted from the preparatory committee of the national Council meetings in Beirut, and from the national dialogues in Moscow, including halting the security coordination with the occupation, boycotting the Israeli economy, developing and protecting the popular resistance and internationalizing the Palestinian national issue and rights, by heading in particular, to the international Criminal Court to delegitimize the occupation and isolate Israel and to prosecute the Israeli senior officials who are involved in committing crimes against our people.

Bureau of Central Information
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
January 23, 2017


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