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DFLP warns of the Colonialist Plan Against the Silwan residents to expel them from their Homes

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine called on the Palestinian Authority and all Palestinian national forces to take action to stop the catastrophe prepared by the Israeli occupation court to expel 22 Palestinians from their homes in the Silwan neighborhood, in occupied Jerusalem, and to hand over Palestinian buildings and land to the right-wing settler association “Ateret Cohanim” which claims them as Jews ownership, while the Israeli court rejected several substantive evidence that the Palestinians submitted against the eviction.

The Front said that the decision to expel this group of Palestinians from their homes is part of Ateret Cohanim's plan in complicity with the occupation court to expel 700 Palestinians from their homes, with the same arguments, based on ownership forgery for the benefit of the Jews.

The Front warned of the danger of this catastrophe, which began with the expulsion of 22 Palestinians, in the context of the Israeli policy of rushed annexation of the Palestinian land, the Judaization of occupied Jerusalem, and the imposition of realities on the ground.

The Front concluded by calling on the PA to transfer the issue of Silwan, and the catastrophic colonialist plan, to the International Forums and moving urgently to seek international protection for our people, and take the practical steps required by the mechanisms of action in the United Nations International Organization.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
January 21, 2020


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