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DFLP warns of the seriousness of the fierce onslaught on Palestinian cause and calls for an immediate elimination of the policy of illusion and inaction

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) warned of the danger of the fierce American-Israeli onslaught on the cause and national rights of our people. This onslaught which the decision of Trump's administration to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, was a serious opening for.

The DFLP observed, through its statement, the Israeli and American attacks including; the Israeli decision to build a million housing units in the Palestinian Bank and bring 5 million settlers to; one million settlers of them into Jerusalem, the decision of the Knesset to refuse the negotiations on Jerusalem and withdrawal from occupied East Jerusalem under the motto of "Unified Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel", the Likud's decision to annex the Palestinian Bank to Israel and implementing the Israeli laws on it, the project of isolating the city of Jerusalem and dividing the Palestinian Bank into three isolated areas and last but not least, the US administration's threat to cut aid to Palestinian Authority and to pave the way for cutting off US funding for UNRWA, which accounts for 60% of the international funding of the Agency.

The DFLP added that while the American-Israeli onslaught is escalating, the official Palestinian leadership continues its policy of illusion and inaction, without taking a single practical step in responding to and confronting this attack, not at the field level, which is to support the popular intifada, the Intifada of Jerusalem and Freedom, and not international level, in the nations and International Criminal Court, to build on what has been achieved in the UN Security Council (14 states reject the Trump's decision) or the United Nations General Assembly (129 states support the Palestinian position).

The DFLP reiterated its insistence on the need of the Palestinian Authority to implement an effective and practical policy based on the decisions of the Central Council at its last session (5/3/2015), which has been hampered by a unilateral decision by Palestinian official leadership. It confirmed the positions of UN Security Council and the resolutions of United Nations General Assembly including the work on:

1) Disengaging from the Oslo Accords and its political commitments (withdrawing the recognition of Israel), security (stop the security coordination) and economic (boycotting the Israeli economy and withdrawing Palestinian labor from settlement projects).

2) Calling on the Provisional Leadership (the Committee for Activating and Developing PLO) for an immediate meeting to rebuild the national unity, restore the national program (the program of Intifada, Resistance and internationalizing the Palestinian national rights and cause) on a participatory basis, away from all forms of monopolization and exclusivity of political and financial decision and the policy of marginalizing the Palestinian institution.

3) Requesting the active membership of the State of Palestine in the General Assembly United Nations under the item of "United for Peace" based on resolution 67/19 which has granted the observer membership to the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital on the border before June 4, 1967 and the right of refugees to return under Resolution 194.

4) Calling for an international conference under the patronage of United Nations and the five permanent members of Security Council, under the resolutions of international legitimacy to ensure the rights of our people to self-determination, independence, return and salvation from occupation and settlement.

5) Requesting an international protection for our people, land and sanctity against the occupation and its crimes, settlement, looting the land and judaizing Jerusalem.

6) Activating complaints before the International Criminal Court against Israeli war crimes against our people and our rights including; settlement, collective arrest, deadly force and the siege of Gaza Strip.

7) Calling on the Arab and Muslim countries to implement the resolutions of the Council of Arab Foreign Ministers and Istanbul Islamic Summit on boycotting Israel, withdrawing ambassadors from it, terminating diplomatic missions and boycotting the countries that transport their embassies to Jerusalem.

The DFLP concluded its statement by stressing that the steps which have been taken by the Palestinian Authority, including the participating in 22 agreements and international treaties, are only a short step that does not meet the needs, because the battle threatens the national cause of our people and its legitimate rights, which requires the arming of all national forces in a unified battle in all fields, without hesitation or reluctance.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
January 4, 2018


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