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DFLP: We call for referring the occupation crimes and threats and the refugees issue to the UN General Assembly

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) condemned the Israeli army's threats to bomb the Gaza Strip if the Great Return March does not stop.

The Front said that the right of the Palestinian people to demonstrate against the occupation, the settlements, the siege, and Trump's project to liquidate the Palestinian national cause, is a legitimate right, guaranteed by the international law, and the Israeli threat is a part of the policy of systematic terrorism practiced by the occupying state, since June 1967 so far, backed by the United States with its successive administrations.

The Front said that the United States' disrupting for the United Nations Secretary-General's recommendation, to form an independent inquiry commission on the crimes of the occupation, on the days of Return March is encouraging the use of lethal force, indifferent to the international public opinion, which condemned the Israeli crime against our people, which makes the United States a partner in this crime.

The DFLP called on the Palestinian Authority, the Executive Committee of the PLO and the official leadership to act in the UN in cooperation with the Arab, Muslim and friendly countries in Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa and to call for an extraordinary session of the General Assembly, to form an international commission to investigate the crimes of occupation, as recommended by the UN Secretary-General, and to discuss the issue of refugees’ right of return, and the US and Israeli policies in their disruption of the exercise of this right.

The Front concluded that the Great Return March, under the supervision of the National Committee (DFLP, Hamas, PFLP, Jihad and all Palestinian factions and institutions of civil society) will not stop until it achieves its goals, through the marches of million in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, West Bank, refugee camps, Diaspora, and the lands occupied since 1948, in commemoration of the Nakba, and protesting the transfer of the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem on May 14, 2018.

DFLP Central Information Office
April 8, 2018


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