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DFLP welcomes the final communiqué of the Cairo Dialogue and calls for its full implementation without hindrance

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) welcomed the final communiqué issued by the Palestinian factions' dialogue in Cairo and praised the national consensus on issues of reconciliation, reform of the Palestinian political system, holding comprehensive elections and safeguarding the rights of the refugees.

DFLP stressed the need to ensure the implementation of the provisions of the final statement in full, and called for not to put obstacles in its way and follow up its implementation with a spirit of concern for the national interests of our people and Its legitimate and inalienable national rights.

DFLP also thanked and appreciated the role played by Egypt in supporting the dialogue and called on the Egyptian leadership to supervise the implementation of this agreement.

Last but not least, DFLP called on all parties not to fire early on the agreement and not to set conditions and time limits for its implementation, stressing the need to work hard to resolve the issues of our people in the Gaza Strip, including lifting the sanctions and procedures and opening the Rafah crossing.

Central Information Office
November 23, 2017


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