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Final statement of preparatory meeting for Palestinian communities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Palestinian Confederation in Latin America and the Caribbean
اتحاد الجاليات الفلسطينية في أمريكا اللاتينية والكاريبي

Final Statement

Preparatory Meeting for Palestinian Communities in Latin America and the Caribbean

Santiago, Chile - October 29, 30 and 31, 2017

For three days, representatives of thirty-seven organizations from eleven countries, of the continent, and taking into account that the Latin American and Caribbean Palestine Confederation (COPLAC) has been inactive for more than a quarter of a century, we urgently consider the need to establish democratic bases and transparent to re-found this Confederation, for that we held this Extended Preparatory Meeting in which the representative organizations of the communities declare the following:

1. With the unanimity of the participants, and based on legal analysis and ethical standards, we Latin American members of the Palestinian people have come to the conclusion that the Fourth COPLAC Congress should take place in compliance with legal, democratic, independent and genuine community representatives, agreeing to give an approximate term of six months to prepare the bases and the conditions to convene the Congress.

2. The assembled delegations urge all Palestinian organizations on the Continent to work together to achieve a successful, comprehensive, representative and useful Congress for our communities in the resident countries, and especially for our people, both in Palestine under occupation, and in the Diaspora.

3. We state that COPLAC is part of the popular organizations of the PLO, and as we respect it and its institutions, then, we consider the Department of Expatriates of the PLO is the official channel of communication between us and the PLO.

4. We, the Palestinian communities of the Continent, reaffirm our right, and of all Palestinian refugees, to return to their homes of origin, from where they were violently expelled. This right is registered in international legality, in particular in United Nations (UN) Resolution No. 194.

5. We reaffirm our legitimate right to resist, with all means, oppression and foreign military occupation, a right enshrined in all offices of international and humanitarian law.

6. We call upon the International Community to stand by and demand accountability for Israel's internationally wrongful acts in the face of non-compliance with the international system for the protection of the Palestinian people's human rights, international humanitarian law and resolutions and dictates of international legal resolutions of the General Assembly and of the United Nations Security Council, of the International Court of Justice, among others. Sentences and disapprovals are not enough, it is urgent that real and concrete measures be taken to oblige Israel to respect and comply with the law. The silence, the hypocrisy and the double morality shown, give only the green light to the oppressors to continue with their atrocities and violations.

7. We call on the International Community to exert pressure and action to secure the release of Palestinian political prisoners, to lift the blockade and sanctions imposed on Gaza and to stop the settlement operations in the occupied territories, including occupied Jerusalem.

8. In the face of these systematic and daily violations, we support the peaceful resistance actions of the Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS) and call on civil society and democratic governments to boycott the Zionist entity as an effective way of facing colonization and the Apartheid.

9. In these days we commemorate the 100 years of the fateful Balfour Declaration, in which Britain, a military, colonial and imperialist power of the time, promises a "National Home" for foreign Zionists on Palestinian lands, promising what does not belong to them. In this regard, we condemn this aberration and demand that Britain acknowledge this historic error, apologize and compensate the victims.

Finally, as Latin Americans of Palestinian origin, lovers of peace and justice, we want to build a free, sovereign, democratic and secular Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital and with the return of all Palestinian refugees to their usurped homes.

1. Federación Palestina
2. Club Palestino
3. Comité Democrático Palestino
4. Grupo Palestina Libre
5. Unión General de Estudiantes Palestinos (UGEP)
6. Organización Solidaria con Palestina (OSP – UC)
7. Centro Árabe de Concepción
8. Juventud Chileno-Árabe por Palestina de Valdivia

9. Union Democrática Das Entidades Palestinas del Brasil
10. Sociedade Árabe Palestino Brasileira de Santa Maria
11. Socidade Palestina, Brasília
12. Sociedade Árabe Palestino Brasileira de Porto Alegre
13. Sociedade Árabe Palestino Beneficente Do Brasil
14. Centro Cultural Árabe Palestino de Mato Grosso Do Sul
15. Comitê Catarinense De Solidariedade Com o Povo Palestino, Florianopolis
16. Centro Cultural Árabe Palestino Brasileiro de São Paulo
17. Soceidades Árabe Palestina de Corumbá MS
18. Comitê da Palestina Democrática
19. Centro Cultural Palestino Brasileiro do Rio Grande do Sul
20. Instituto Brasil Palestina
21. Movimiento Palestina para Todos

22. Club Árabe Salvadoreño
23. Asociación Salvadoreña Palestina

24. Asociación Canaan
25. Asociación Al Nakba
26. Movimiento Venezolano de Solidaridad con Palestina

27. Asociación Comunidad Palestina
28. Asociación Árabe Guatemalteca

29. Juventud Árabe de Bolivia

30. Cámara de Comercio Árabe Panameña
31. Comunidad Palestina de Panamá
32. Club Unión Árabe de Panamá

33. Fundación Cultural Colombo Palestina
34. Asociación Damas Colombo Palestino

35. Instituto Cultural Peruano Palestino

36. Casa Palestina

37. Unión Árabe de Cuba

Santiago, Chile - October 31, 2017


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