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Glory, all the glory for the prisoners of «Freedom and Dignity»
Communiqué released by the Detachments of Palestinian National Action in Cuba

To the great sons of out Palestinian people everywhere
To the sons of our Arab nation
To the friendly and freedom-loving countries, and those who support the historic rights of our Palestinian people

The strike of Palestinian prisoners, the strike of prisoners for «Freedom and Dignity», the strike of the «Empty Stomachs» which began on April 17 until the enemy accepts their just humanitarian demands.

The strike of the great resistance being waged by 2000 prisoners is growing and becoming a general strike in which some 7000 Palestinian fighters will take part in every jail of the Zionist enemy. The battle will continue until the authorities from Zionist prisons stop their violations of international law and their inhumane practices, such as the isolation in cells, the administrative detentions, medical negligence, insults, tortures and other dirty Nazi actions.

National unity has materialized through the actions of the heroic prisoners in Israeli jails, where they are undertaking, together, the open strike for Freedom and Dignity.

Our people in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, in the territories of 1948, in all of historic Palestine and in the countries of asylum, refuge and diaspora, continue their actions of support for prisoners of the strike for «Freedom and Dignity». Our people, together with their struggling forces, unites in the light of the racist attack in diverse cities, towns and camps, and carries out an escalade of popular resistance to turn every Palestinian region into sceneries of indignation and confrontation against the occupation army and against settlers.

A greeting for all the prisoners for «Freedom and Dignity».

A greeting for the grandiose heroes, the sons of the powerful people, those who have been behind bars for many years, those who have spent ten years behind bars, those who have spent 25 to 30 years, those who have spent around 40 years with an unbreakable will.

A greeting for every Palestinian child prisoner, whose freedom terrorizes the enemy and that is why he was detained, because the enemy thinks that in this way they can stop the spark of their anger against the malevolent occupying force.

A greeting for the Palestinian female struggling prisoners who sacrificed their freedoms for a fatherland and the cause, and they wage today the battle of the hunger strike… a strike for «Freedom and Dignity».

A greeting for the prisoner leader Marwan Barghouti, member of the Al-Fatah Movement Central Committee, who is being transferred by the jail administration to isolation cells.

A greeting for the prisoner leader Ahmed Saadat, Secretary-General of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

A greeting for prisoner leader Samer Al-Issawi, member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and hero of the longest hunger strike in the history of mankind.

We make a call on the Palestinian Leadership to internationalize the cause of rights of prisoners presenting it to the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council with a view to free prisoners for «Freedom and Dignity», and to accelerate the presentation of denunciations to the International Criminal Court to punish Israel for its practices that violate international laws and norms.

From Cuba, land of immortal internationalist leader Fidel Castro, land of the struggle, freedom and revolution that supports Palestine and the national rights of our people, we make a call on parties, forces and liberation movements, democracy and social justice throughout the world to support the general national strike, the strike of prisoners of Palestine who defend dignity. We address those friendly peace-loving forces to support the National Popular Campaign in their struggle to free all the prisoners and detained Palestinians in the jails of the occupying force.

We call on these international forces and parties loyal to the just struggles of our people to further their mobilization at all levels, in order to take off the mask of the policy of torture, humiliation and oppression exercised by the brutal enemy of humanity. And, together, to win this battle against the jailers of the occupying forces until breaking the walls of the cells and until the dawn of freedom occurs.

¡Glory to the prisoners for «Freedom and Dignity»!
¡Glory to the Unity of the Prisoners’ Movement!
¡Glory to the unity of our people in the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 and 1967, and in the countries of refuge and the diaspora!

Detachments of Palestinian National Action in Cuba

Havana, April 22, 2017


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