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Glory to the strike of the prisoners of freedom and dignity in the jails of Israeli occupation

. On April 17, the strike of Empty Stomachs will begin in every Israeli jail

. 1500 prisoners of the total 7000 take the first big step towards a global strike

. We call for the most encompassing popular Palestinian, Arab mobilization and the mobilization of free people throughout the world to support the prisoners of freedom

On the Day of the Palestinian Prisoner, April 17, 2017, the “Hunger Strike” of prisoners of Israeli jails will begin; the strike of “Freedom and Dignity” will be enforced until the ultra-rightwing Netanyahu government will accept the human demands handed over by the prisoners to the jail authorities.

1500 prisoners will initiate the strike, and it is foreseen that many more will join in the process of development of the strike; furthermore, our people are convened to take part in the most encompassing popular and family mobilization to support the strike of “Freedom and Dignity”.

A “Directive Committee of the Struggle” for this strike will be constituted by the Democratic Front, Al-Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The prisoners created an alternative leadership of the Strike of Empty Stomachs to avoid the consequences of expected Israeli measures and to guarantee continuity, besides breaking whatever obstacle the Israeli jail authorities might impose. The “Directive Committee of the Struggle” includes prisoners Wajdi Joude (DFLP), Ismael Aref (Al-Fatah), Shade Ammour (Hamas) and Mohanad Al-Shekh Ibrahim (Islamic Jihad).

The strike will be initiated by prisoners from the following jails: Jalbou, Hadareem, Ofar, Desertic Nafha, Asqalan, Rimon and Desertic Naqab.

The Democratic Front calls on Palestinian organizations and those of the Resistance for a popular mobilization and to support the strike of prisoners of freedom and dignity, the Hunger Strike and the Strike of Empty Stomachs.

The Front calls on parties, forces, Arab patriotic personalities, associations and institutions of civil society to support the strike opened by the prisoners of Palestinian resistance against Zionist expansionist, colonialist occupation and against the Israelization and Judaization of occupied Jerusalem.

Glory to the prisoners of freedom and dignity!
Glory to the forces of liberation, democracy and social justice!

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

April 15, 2017


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