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Greetings to our people who responded to the call of "Intifada of Jerusalem and Freedom" in the day of anger

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) paid tribute to our people, inside and outside the Palestinian homeland, for its response to the call of "Jerusalem and freedom" and the call of the Palestinian national factions by turning Friday into a day of great anger, to confirm our people's right in the liberation from occupation and settlement, and to confirm the Arabism of Jerusalem, the capital of Palestinian independent state with full sovereignty on the borders of the fourth of June 67.

The DFLP called for mobilizing more popular forces by launching the " Intifada of Jerusalem and Freedom" as the alternative route to the Oslo project and the sterile negotiating strategy pursued by the Palestinian Authority for more than a quarter of a century.

It also called the Palestinian Authority to respond to the call of "Jerusalem and Freedom" and to take practical steps to respond to the Trump decision, by canceling the Oslo Accords, withdrawing recognition of Israel, halting the security coordination with the occupation, boycotting the Israeli economy ,protecting the Intifada and popular resistance, implementing the Palestinian National Consensus decisions in the Central Council (5/3/2015) and Cairo Dialogue (22/11/2017), which have been stalled by a unilateral decision by the PA official leadership.

The DFLP considered that enhancing the ability of our people to confront the occupation and settlement, and the unjust Trump decision, require the PA to stop all forms of betting on any American initiative that has been promoted, and to go instead to the international institutions to internationalize the Palestinian national rights, including the request for the full active membership for the State of Palestine in the General Assembly of the United Nations under the "United for Peace" law, and to submit a complaint to the Security Council against the American decision that violated the resolutions of international legitimacy related to the Palestinian issue and Jerusalem , beside the call for an international conference under the auspices of the permanent members of the Security Council, in addition to continuing the political to action in international institutions and organizations, to deepen the isolation of the Trump administration, delegitimize the occupation, and isolate the Israeli entity which represents a rebellious state against the resolutions of international legitimacy and the will of the International community.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
December 16, 2017


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