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Hands-Off Bolivarian Venezuela.The Venezuela of Hugo Chávez and Maduro

The imperialist offensive of wild capitalism and their lackeys of local reactionaries intends to put an end to the achievements of revolutionary Bolivarians of Venezuela... to strike the independence they have achieved and the rights and civil freedoms of Venezuelans... to provoke the failure of the social justice system, the healthcare insurance and education for all... To impose the inhuman reactionary class on the lives of everyone, far from any questioning or supervision, besides empowering that class to make decisions, fabricate lies and manipulative propagandas...

Savage liberalism accustoms to always recruit miserable elements, giving them high military grades to act in accordance with the dictates of liberalism, since our world is witnessing such things in various places, using names and mottos such as "Spring" and "constructive chaos".

The goal is to sack the wealth of those countries, according to the administration of monsters of neo-capitalism, which manipulate social budgets and constitutions in order to steal that wealth into the hands of thieves, mercenaries and pirates of local reaction, led by the so-called leaders of democracy to the detriment of the supreme interests of Venezuela.

We are certain of resistance and of the triumph of the Bolivarian leadership… of the firmness of the poor vis-à-vis opportunist profiteers, actioned by remote control...

Hands-off Bolivarian Venezuela... the Venezuela of Hugo Chavez and Maduro...

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

April 23, 2017


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