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Hawatmeh addresses the academics, intellectuals and students of Al Aqsa University in Gaza

The Secretary-General of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Comrade Nayef Hawatmeh, addressed the students, academics and intellectuals of Al-Aqsa University in Gaza, at the grand student party, organized by the Student Unity Bloc at the university on the occasion of the “Golden Jubilee” of the DFLP.

“Brothers and comrades academics and intellectuals of Al-Aqsa University in the Gaza Strip,
Brothers and comrades students of Al-Aqsa University:

Fifty years of the start of DFLP under the banner of "the weapon of politics and the policy of weapons",
A new dawn in the revolution, the resistance, and the marches of return and breaking the siege,
The path of self-determination, statehood, the independence, return to home, freedom, democracy and the social justice, the pillars of the new program with undoubted victory.

Within few days, on 30 March, we celebrate, along millions of people in the fields, the marches of return and breaking of the siege in their first anniversary, and the Land Day in the territories of 1948 on 30 March 1976.

There are three major positions in our lives, the lives of our people, our land and homeland, with the specificities of territories of 1948, and particularities of Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank, and the peculiarities of countries of asylum and diaspora.

Academics, intellectuals, and professors of the generation of the revolution and the people, the state, the liberation and return:

Three generations devoted to the struggle, and tens of thousands in Gaza, Jerusalem and the West Bank, and all the countries of refuge and diaspora, to celebrate the DFLP anniversary, the Front of the national unity, and the struggle for the unity of all, to defeat the occupation and the division.

Sons of our Palestinian people, dear all:

The factors and levers of victory are three: the national unity, the solidarity of the Arab peoples with us and the solidarity of the national liberation movements and the forces of justice and peace in the world on this path together, today and years to come.

Our combative people calls for ending the destructive division, and we struggle to implement the decisions of the National consensus in Cairo, Gaza, Beirut and Ramallah, we struggle for the national unity, with a comprehensive coalition government, for holding legislative and presidential elections, and a new National Council with a system of full proportional representation, an unified system for all, not a dividing system of elections as happened in 2006, nor a government of political and military coups that the Arab countries have left for more than sixty years.

Academics, young men and women of Al-Aqsa University:

The decisions of the national consensus, the consensus within the framework of the PLO, are decisions to: withdraw recognition of the occupation state, stop security coordination with the Israeli occupation, disengage the Palestinian economy from the Israeli economy, and abolish all sanctions measures on Gaza Strip.

Academics, intellectuals and comrades of the long road,
Youth of universities and revolution:

The Israeli enemy supports the destructive division, cuts off from the Palestinian clearing funds the sum of five hundred million shekels (138 million dollars) allocated for the martyrs and prisoners, and permits, through the Netanyahu government, to hand the Qatari money to the authority of Gaza, and all of this and that the occupation does to reinforce the division and financing it, and stealing the rights of martyrs and prisoners in a divisive mockery, run by the enemy in our ranks and, on the streets, it increases the media clashes, individualism and exclusivity.

Academics, intellectuals,
Youth of revolution:

I say to our brothers in Fatah and Hamas, come to stop the mockery of the destructive division, and break the path to the destructive financial and divisionist policies of the occupation state.

Dear friends, comrades of the long road:

Together, and in the coming days, we declare that the shortest way to end the destructive division and restore the unity of the nation, with a government of integral national unity, is an integral presidential, legislative and social election, in all universities, mass organizations, unions and federations with the system of full proportional representation, the system of national unity. Together, to correct our situation in the PLO, and apply the decisions of the Central Council (5/3/2015 and 15/1/2018) and the National Council (30/4/2018), and the decisions of National Consensus in Cairo, Gaza, Ramallah and Beirut.

Let's be united against the occupation, the colonial settlement in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and to lift the siege on Gaza Strip.

No to the self-destruction in favor of the class and individual interests, no to the division, the conflict of regional axes and the “deal of the century” to destroy the cause and rights of our Palestinian people to self-determination and the independent and sovereign Palestinian state with its capital, Jerusalem, and the refugees right of return.

Glory to all of you, glory to your daily struggle, glory to national unity, democracy and social justice

I am stronger, again on your hands, blessed by you, and see you soon on the courageous and resistant territory of Gaza with you all. We are the sons of the diaspora, refuge and the exile, meet on the land of the united homeland, with the one people”.

DFLP Central Information Office
March 2, 2019


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