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Message of condolences from Union of Palestinian Communities, Institutions and Activists in Europe for the decease of leader Fidel Castro

Union of Palestinian Communities, Institutions and Activists in Europe
Message of condolences
Fidel will remain present in the hearts and minds of revolutionary generations and of the peoples of the world

Comrade Raúl Castro, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba
Comrades, members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba
Sons of the heroic Cuban people

Today a man of great stature who has enlightened the somber path traced by imperialism throughout the world disappeared physically. Today, the patriotic, internationalist, the great leader Fidel Castro Ruz joined his comrades Guevara, Camilo and thousands of revolutionaries who have built modern Cuba, and who were truly the friends of the poor, the peasants and the oppressed of Cuba and the world. They were an example to be followed because of their humanitarian nature and for being the enemies of monstrous capitalism, thirsty for the blood of the poor.

We have received those news with great sadness and pain, sharing their grief and sadness for the passing away of the creator of modern Cuba… Cuba, freedom and justice… We offer our condolences to you and to ourselves for the departure of a great man, a great loss for the Cuban people, for the Palestinian people and for all the peoples of the world that struggle for their freedom, independence and social justice.

Indeed, the historical leader Fidel Castro was a peculiar man in the struggle against world capitalism and the forces of exploitation and reactionary forces in the world; and he turned Cuba into a difficult bone to be chewed by imperialism and colonialism, into an island of freedom, equality and justice; his thoughts and ideas and those of his comrades are an inspiration for all peoples anxious to achieve freedom, throughout Latin America and the whole world.

Fidel Castro, who said, "history will absolve me" after his attack on the Moncada Barracks, in the course of his self-defense during the trial that was staged against him starting on 16 October 1953, turned into a first-class world leader and led Cuba forward, in spite of the blockade and of sanctions imposed on the Island.

While we say good-bye to invaluable Fidel, who always expressed his solidarity with the Palestinian people and their Revolution against the injustice waged by the most powerful enemies of humanity, we shed tears and say that the flag that was upheld by Fidel will continue raised and undulating, that flag of freedom and human justice.

Once again, we express our most consoling condolence for the Cuban Communist Party and people, we express glory, all the glory, for Commander Fidel Castro. We continue on his path and we say, “Patria o Muerte, Venceremos” (“Fatherland or death, we shall overcome").

Board of Directors of the Union
November 26, 2016


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