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On the 41st day… the firmness and unity of prisoners broke the oppression of the government of occupation

• The joint leadership of prisoners, composed of the leaders of the various Palestinian factions, is the path towards unity, in order to conquer, from the paws of the occupying forces, the rights of prisoners.

• The tricks, maneuvers and individualist allegations as a path to dismantle the unified strike are the road to failure.

• The involvement of our people in the territories occupied in 1948 and 1967, and in the diaspora, and the support of free peoples of the world are the assurance of success for prisoners.

On the 41st day of the Hunger Strike of the prisoners of Freedom and Dignity, the government of occupation and the jail authorities yielded vis-à-vis the will of the Strike of the Empty Stomachs to engage negotiations with the strike leaders, the Joint Leadership, represented by the Committee of the Joint Struggle of the Strike.

Negotiations with the Committee of Struggle took place at the Asqalan jail, with the participation of the leaders of the Great Strike (of the Palestinian factions: Fatah, Democratic Front, Hamas, Popular Front and Islamic Yihad).

The strike began on April 17, after a series of dialogues and agreements around a joint program, during six months, in preparation of the prisoners’ strike for Freedom and Dignity.

Negotiations between the Joint Leadership of the strike the and jail authorities lasted
several days and closed in the wee hours of Saturday, coinciding with the first day of the sacred month of Ramadan, as was also confirmed by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, in the first hours of May 27.

It is a known fact that the jails of occupation (23 in total) contain 6.500 prisoners and
administrative detainees, and, according to the Program of the Strike of the Empty Stomachs, 1.600 prisoners initiated the strike, and many more joined it as days went by.

The firmness and unity of the Strike of Empty Stomachs, the great involvement of our people in the territories occupied in 1948 and 1967, and in the countries of refuge and the diaspora, as well as the support of national, democratic and progressive Arab forces and the free peoples of the world, forced the State of occupation to accept negotiations about the social, sanitary and academic rights of the prisoners.

On the territories occupied in 1948, by the initiative of the “Higher Follow-Up Committee of Arab Masses” and its Chairperson, the outstanding comrade Mohammed Barake, and the “Committee of Freedoms and Prisoners”, the masses congregated in front of the Jalama Jail and the Bir As-Sabaa hospital, where dozens prisoners are in captivity, and they addressed salutes to the prisoners of freedom and dignity. And on Friday, Taleb Aby Arar, deputy elected by the Joint Arab List, made a speech across the street from the hospital, and Sheikh Raed Salah delivered the address of the Friday prayer across the street from the Jalama jail; the peoples of the territories of 1948 kept firm at the side of the prisoners of freedom and dignity.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
May 27, 2017


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