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On the International Day of Solidarity with Our People

• The international community must transform its political solidarity into an effective action for the Palestinian people to achieve its right to self-determination, independence and return.

• We call on every Western country to recognize the Palestinian state.

• We call on the international community to eliminate the obstacles to the implementation of the right to return, in conformity with Resolution 194.

• We demand the Palestinian Authority and its leadership to implement the decisions of the National and Central Councils.

• We are asking for a national formula that would unite the struggles of our people everywhere they might be, including inside “Israel”.

On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, which is celebrated on every 29 November, the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued a communiqué pointing out:

* That the international community would not have turned this day into a date for the remembrance of the unjust Resolution of Partition 181 and of universal solidarity with our people if it were not for their invaluable sacrifices, the heroic persistence and the brave resistance of our people in the light of the projects of naturalization and dispersion of their national identity, and for their upheaval from the bottom of the debris in order to reconstruct its political entity and its national character, under the leadership of the PLO, its sole legitimate representative.

* That our people have waged ferocious political and military battles for the defense of their existence, their cause and their national rights, until crowning the renovation of that stage with the uprising of its contemporary national movement with the realist revolutionary program, the program for return, for self-determination and Independence. Through this program of deliberate struggle, waged with the blood of martyrs and guerrilla heroes, our people recovered their position in the international community, under the umbrella of the League of Arab States, the UN and other international continental and regional institutions, and recovered its title as a people with a national and independent character, under the banner of Palestine and of its sole and legitimate representative, the PLO.

* That by commemorating this date, our people have the right to address the international community, especially the Western countries, which undoubtedly have their political, legal and moral responsibilities for the national catastrophe of the Palestinian people, which was unchained in 1948, together with their demand to transform this date of political solidarity, through commemorations, conferences, statements and press releases, into a day to materialize practical measures by way of implementing the UN resolutions related to the cause and the national rights, including:

1- The recognition of a totally sovereign and independent Palestinian state with its capital, Jerusalem, within the borders prior to June 4 1967, and granting the Palestinian people an active membership in the UN, on an equal footing with the rest of the members of the international community.

2- Sending the resolutions pertaining to the Palestinian cause to the Security Council so that, by virtue of Chapter VII of the UN Charter, the occupying power be forced to implement them, including the complete withdrawal from the territories occupied in the war of aggression of June 5 1967, and to eliminate all impediments and obstacles.

3- To force Israel to make a commitment to eliminate the impediments and obstacles to the implementation of Resolution 194 which guarantees the right of our people to return to their homes and properties from which they have been displaced since 1948.

4- To render illegal the occupation, to isolate the state of “Israel” and to boycott the products coming from the settlements until Israel responds and fulfils the decisions of international law.

5- To reject all projects that would be alternative to the resolutions of international law related to the cause, including the Trump-Netanyahu agreement and the projects of autonomy that are tentatively imposed as an alternative to the independent Palestinian state through the project of the Great Israel, and to again reaffirm that this amounts to a violation of international law and of UN resolutions.

* That, on that same chord, it called on the Palestinian Authority and its leadership to adopt practical measures of dissuasion concerning that plan, and to take the political decision of constructing, on the field, the unity of our people and its political forces, as was evidenced in the manifestations of anger staged this last Tuesday (November 26), in the positive climate generated at the ordinary session of the UN General Assembly, in the resolutions adopted by its committees in support of Palestinian rights, including the right to self-determination, Independence and return, and the positive climate expressed by the capitals of the world when they condemned the statements produced by Mr. Pompeo about the colonial settlements, in order to go from the verbal confrontations with the occupying state, its colonial projects and the Trump-Netanyahu agreement, and to proceed to political confrontations and on the ground, in the following manner:

1- To withdraw the recognition of the State of Israel, until it recognizes a totally sovereign Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem, within the borders prior to June 4 1967 and it completely ceases the construction of colonial settlements in the West Bank, including Jerusalem.

2- To put a stop to security coordination with the occupying force and the CIA.

3- To accelerate the effort tending to become economically independent from the occupying State, to turn the page of Oslo and the Paris Economic Protocol in order to be free of its restrictions and obligations.

4- To request the active membership of the State of Palestine in the United Nations.

5- To request international protection for our people and our land, vis-à-vis occupation and colonialism.

6- To request the membership of the State of Palestine, for it to be incorporated to the competent international agencies, to which the US Administration has imposed its vetoes, such as the case of the International Aviation Agency, the International Agency of Intellectual Property and others, with the goal of consolidating the presence of the State of Palestine in the international community and to strengthen its political entity on the road towards independence.

7- To convene an international conference about the Palestinian issue, under the auspices of the UN and its pertinent resolutions, under the direct supervision of the five permanent members of the Security Council, with a fixed deadline and legally binding resolutions in order to guarantee that our people would achieve its legitimate national rights to self-determination, independence and return.

8- To construct a national unitary force in a national conference that would include representatives of the people from the territories occupied since 1948, from the West Bank, from the Gaza Strip, from Jerusalem and the diaspora, in order to unite the struggle against the fascist, racist, Zionist project and the Trump-Netanyahu agreement, in accordance with the different political and legal conditions.

The Democratic Front concluded that the way in which our people turn the International Day of Solidarity with their cause and their national rights into a day to impose isolation on the Israeli occupying force and to achieve their legitimate national rights, would be through the activation of every factor of the Palestinian force, especially national unity and the mobilization of an integral popular resistance with all its methods to strengthen the principles of the National Coalition, national participation, to put an end to the policy of exclusiveness, exclusion and marginalization of the others, resisting political, administrative and financial corruption, and strengthening the role of the institutions of the Palestinian Authority in order to furnish elements of firmness to the struggle of our people in its national battle.

Central Information Bureau
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
29 November 2019


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