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Palestinian Democratic Women’s Organization marches on the streets of Ein El-Helweh camp

The Palestinian Democratic Women's Organization (Nada) in the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, organized a women's march in the Ein El-Helweh camp in protest against the measures taken by the Lebanese Ministry of Labor to prosecute Palestinian workers and employers while the Palestinian people is confronting the repercussions of the deal of the century and its goals aimed cancelling the legitimate national rights of the Palestinian people, foremost to liquidate the right of return and pass the plans for resettlement and displacement.

The march walked through the streets of Ein El-Helweh camp where the cheering echoed, calling on the Lebanese government to act immediately to stop these unfair measures as an introduction to end the economic and social suffering of the Palestinian people and to transform the Lebanese official and popular rejection of the deal by stopping all acts of deprivation, practiced against our people, through giving them the civil and human rights, including the right to work for Palestinian refugees in all professions, including the self-employment, the abolition of work permits and the principle of reciprocity and treating the Palestinian labor as refugees who have political and legal situation and not a foreign labor, and to stop the hard measures towards entering the construction materials into the Palestinian camps and give the Palestinian people the right to own a home.

Ibtisam Abu Salem, a member of the leadership of the Women's Organization in the DFLP, talked at the sit-in and stressed the depth of the struggle relations between the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples and that the action constitutes a dispute between the two peoples. She also called the Lebanese women movement and civil society organizations to the widest solidarity with the Palestinian people right in Lebanon to live a decent life, by taking positions and organizing joint solidarity movements for our people as demanding the cessation of the Ministry of Labor measures, that do not aim to organize the work of Palestinian refugees to protect their rights as the ministry claims , but it deals with Palestinian workers as foreigners despite the political and legal status of Palestinian refugees and the role played by Palestinian refugees in the Lebanese economic cycle.

The social activist Hanan Habous spoke in the name of the Palestinian NGOs, noting that the measures adopted in conjunction with the liquidation schemes against the UNRWA, are in the service of the deal of the century and the plans of the displacement of the Palestinian people. She added that protecting the rights of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are achieved by lifting their human, economic and social suffering and enabling them to live in dignity to strengthen their steadfastness and struggle against displacement and resettlement schemes and to safeguard their right of return to their homes based on UN Resolution 194.

In conclusion, the teacher Shereen Matar talked about the suffering of thousands of Palestinian professionals and graduates who are still suffering from the denial of the right to work, and she called for granting the right to work to self-employment owners.

DFLP Central Information Office
July 22, 2019


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