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Political statement issued by the mass democratic organizations in Syria

Political statement issued by the mass democratic organizations in Syria

The conference which will be held on June 25-26/ 2019, called by the US administration under the title "Peace for Prosperity" in Manama, is just the economic aspect of the deal of the century, which aims to liquidate the national cause and rights of the Palestinian people, which has begun in succession by the declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of the state of occupation, the transfer of the US Embassy to it, draining the resources of UNRWA to end the refugee issue, the legalization of settlement, the adoption of the Jewish state law, and the explicit declaration of the plan to annex the West Bank.

The policy of misleading practiced by the United States of America and some Arab capitals, by separating between the economic solution and the political solution through what can be provided of bribes in the context of resolving the conflict, is only an exposed game and its features everyday become clearer, and it comes in the context of US policy based on its interests, which is characterized in waging wars, massacres, siege and the deployment of forces in the world, in a way that serves the interests of Zionist colonialist aggressive policy.

As at the same time as we reject the Bahrain conference and the Trump deal, we salute the Arab and world countries who have affirmed their non-participation in the Bahrain conference, and we call on the Arab countries, the free world and the supporters of the Palestinian people not to participate, also appreciate the unity of the Palestinian position in refusing to participate in the Bahrain workshop and in rejecting the deal of the century.

The way to thwart the American century deal and provide steadfastness to our people for its legitimate national rights to freedom, independence and return, requires the end of division and the restoration of internal unity, including:

1) Closing the Oslo page and cancelling the Paris Economic Protocol in favor of building a national economy.

2) Transferring the Palestinian cause to the International Criminal Court to try the Zionist war criminals for the crimes of murder, collective punishment and settlement against the Palestinian people.

3) Transferring the national issue to international forums by requesting the active membership of the State of Palestine with Jerusalem as its capital.

4) Requesting an international protection for our people and our land and calling for an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council under resolutions of international legitimacy, within a specific time frame and binding resolutions.

The Palestinian democratic organizations in Syria:

Palestinian Democratic Youth Union - PDYU
The New Generation Organization - Majd (NGO)
Palestinian Democratic Women's Organization - Nada
Union of Labor Unity Committees - Union of Right of Return Committees - Haq
Palestinian Democratic Gathering for Professionals
Palestinian Democratic Cultural Forums
Izz Id-Din Al-Qassam Club

Damascus, June 24, 2019


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