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Palestinian Solidarity in Cuba with Venezuela and Its Democratically Elected President, Nicolás Maduro

Along the 20 years of the Bolivarian Revolution, the Venezuelan people have been the object of permanent aggressions launched by the US Imperialism and its regional lackeys.

We, as Palestinians, will always be on the right side of history, embracing the will of the Venezuelan people to be free, and that is why we condemn this ongoing coup, initiated by Juan Guaidó, while the US government does not hide its intentions to seize the resources of the Venezuelan people.

We reaffirm our support to the only legitimate President, elected by the people in accordance with the Constitution, comrade Nicolás Maduro, who has faced this battle with courage in spite of the storms.

The United States are heading this coup, seeking a puppet within the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, the spinal column for the defense of the fatherland, and they widen their sanctions to incite the population and raise the motto of a humanitarian assistance of US$ 20 million in one hand, while with the other hand they freeze and steal Venezuelan funds for over US$ 30 billion, while Great Britain seizes 14 tons of gold belonging to the Central Bank of Venezuela, as 2lst century pirates.

Day after day, the plan becomes clear: the Venezuelan opposition announced that on February 23 the humanitarian assistance will enter the country. They gave the Bolivarian National Armed Forces a deadline to carry out the coup and promised them an amnesty; they prepare caravans and install bases on the border for a confrontation, to give imperialism and its satellites a pretext for a military intervention. The Presidents of Colombia and the United States met to talk about Venezuela, of their rejection to the construction of social justice. To them we say: Hands off Venezuela!

Imperialism knows well that all the changes to the right in Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, are temporary as long as the Bolivarian Revolution exists, the Bolivarian Revolution which, together with Cuba, is an axis of the progressive changes and a fundamental piece in the construction of the multi-polar world.

In the light of this attack, the Bolivarian Revolution has called on the unity of Venezuelans in defense of their sovereignty, to the necessary national dialogue to protect the state of law and the Constitution, and also called on international solidarity against the policy of interference, in defense of the right of peoples to peace. Venezuela deserves from us a permanent solidarity: Love should be repaid with love.

President Nicolás Maduro said a few days ago: “Venezuela will never abandon the Palestinian cause; I feel deeply Palestinian and Arab and as a part of that historical cause. I tell the oppressed and the prisoners that this President you see here considers himself a Palestinian President.”

We reply to him: “We ourselves feel deeply Bolivarian, Chavistas and Venezuelan, we are soldiers in this battle that you lead for humanity and we swear we will be faithful.”

Long Live Free Venezuela!
Long Live Cuba!
Long Live Palestine!
Down with Imperialism!

February 18, 2019


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