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Rabid War Crimes in the West Bank
While the extremist Israeli government freezes Palestinian fiscal incomes –an action termed as piracy and a war crime— the colonial aggression in the West Bank continues on, resorting even to the policy of confiscating lands considered “military zones,” installed on Palestinian territories. This war is also evident in the recent Israeli decision of transferring 70 million shekels in favor of colonialism in the Beit El settlement near Ramallah and the preparation of the infrastructure to build 300 homes in order to consolidate colonialism over the Palestinian territories occupied in 1967. Furthermore, the occupying army had previously installed a camp on these same lands that they call a “military zone.”

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine calls on the international community to express solidarity with our Palestinian cause and their just struggle, in accordance with the Declaration of Human Rights, and the United Nations Charter and resolutions, highlighting that these offenses, with such extremism, cannot be committed without the encouragement provided by the United States to the enemy’s leaders in order to pursue such unprecedented crimes against our people that are subjected to occupation...

The Democratic Front affirms that the present priority is to put an end to division among Palestinians, to implement the reconstruction of the PLO with the status of sole representative of our people, and that this be done on the basis of a fully proportional representation in order to counter the plans of the extremist and racist enemy that works diligently to deal blows on our national unity and on the unified national tissue of the Palestinian people.

Thus, the US position becomes manifest with respect to the absolute cover-up provided for Israeli occupation and its –really known— political, moral and human historic fall in the analysis to find a solution for the Palestinian cause in the light of international law… And with unfulfilled promises…

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

January 7, 2015

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