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Samer Al-Issawi: New groups of prisoners will join the strike for “freedom and dignity”

The prisoner Samer Al-Issawi, member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and hero of the longest hunger strike in the history of humanity, addressed to the Palestinian people a message from prison, in which he announced that new groups of prisoners will join the strike of the “Empty Stomachs” on the basis of a nationally agreed program.

Al-Issawi underlined in his letter that zero hour is near and that the prisoners are united, disposed and determined to wage the strike of “Freedom and Dignity”. He said that this battle of ours will overcome against the jailer and will force him to yield in the light of our demands.

In this same context, Ibrahim Mansour, in charge of the Prisoners’ Committee in the Democratic Front and member of the Prisoners’ Committee of the National and Islamic Forces said that: “New groups of prisoners in the jails of Ofer and Megiddo, Naqab and Ramon will initiate a hunger strike next Thursday (27/04/2017)”. They will be headed by prisoner Samer Al-Issawi, hero of the battle of the “Empty Stomachs”, who spent 280 days in an open hunger strike and then forced the forces of occupation to yield to his demands.

Mansour said that the groups of prisoners in various Israeli jails have decided to undertake an open hunger strike, in accordance with determined national program, in support of the prisoners who are already on strike. Thus, they will be contributing an impetus to the wide battle of prisoners against the jail authorities.

Mansour called on the media to be precise and careful with respect to the publications appeared in the Israeli media that would foment false rumors and news about the strike for “Freedom and Dignity” in order to undermine their firmness and break their will.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

25 de abril de 2017

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