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Statement by the Department of UNRWA in DFLP on the Balfour Declaration's Centennial

On November 2, the Palestinian people recall the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which marked the beginning of the national suffering of the Palestinian people, which reached its peak on the 15th of May, when the colonial British Zionist alliance succeeded in proclaiming the "State of Israel" on our Palestinian land and on the ruins of the Palestinian people and its national rights , after a series of massacres by the occupation and its gangs, which led to the displacement of more than three quarters of our people and turning them into refugees who are living the brutality of exile.

The crime has been committed against our people by the British Mandate with the support of major countries, is still ongoing at all levels, especially in the light of the continued occupation with its repressive practices and the continued siege on the Gaza Strip against our people, which requires all international institutions, especially the United Nations, to re-consider the Palestinian rights , support our people and its demands for freedom and independence and to prosecute the occupation criminals for their daily crimes against the Palestinian people.

We call upon the Palestinian people at home, in all countries of asylum, and in the diaspora, to revive this occasion with national events that affirm the adherence to the national rights of our people and reject all the results of the Balfour Declaration and as a false promise in all political, legal and moral aspects, also to intensify the efforts to push Britain to make a formal apology to our people and compensate it for all the suffering they have suffered for a century.

We also call upon the UNRWA and the educational departments to deal with this occasion as part of Palestinian history and to allocate specific times on the day of the occasion to explain the meaning and significance of this promise to the students and to allow them to revive the event and participate in the various national events.

UNRWA's Department
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
November 1, 2017


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