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The Democratic Front condemns the aggression against the Freedom Flotilla III and calls for an international intervention to put a stop to Israeli piracy

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine strongly condemns the aggression against the first ship of the Freedom Flotilla III that attempted to break the blockade and calls for an urgent intervention to put a stop to Israeli piracy and to allow the rest of the Flotilla’s ships and the solidary people aboard to reach the Gaza Strip.

The Democratic Front considers that this action of Israeli piracy in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, against the ship “Marianne” that flies a Swedish flag is very dangerous indeed.

It considers this aggression as Israeli banditry that makes the international community and the states of the European Union face a real alternative to take a strict decision vis-à-vis the Israeli crimes, not only against our people, but also, by trespassing that line, against the Arabs and other foreigners that express their solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The Democratic Front welcomes the legendary resistance and the strong will displayed by the solidary foreigners aboard vis-à-vis the Zionist war machinery, and calls for guarantees for the well-being and security of the solidary people aboard.

It convenes our people to express, through all possible ways, their rejection and condemnation with respect to Israel not allowing the ship “Marianne” to continue towards the Gaza Strip with the objective of breaking the blockade.

The Democratic Front expresses its rejection of all the pretexts and lies of the occupying force when it denies the siege that it has imposed on the Gaza Strip, and it further blames Israel for having been blocking for over 9 years all the people of Gaza, a blockade termed as a war crime that contradicts International Humanitarian Law.

Calling on the international community and the UN to urgently intervene and to work in the direction of having the blockade against Gaza lifted, and to force the Zionist state to comply with International Humanitarian Law.

Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Gaza Strip
June 29, 2015


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