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The Democratic Front condemns the brutal aggression against the positions of the Syrian Arab Army

• It warns of the danger of the interventionist US policy in Arab affairs, based on force and aggression, fueling conflicts instead of pursuing peaceful solutions.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned in a communiqué the brutal US aggression against the positions of the Syrian Arab Army at the Al-Shayrat air base. It considered that this aggression is a signal of a method that the new US administration began to adopt, based on force and on aggressive actions to deal with matters affecting peoples, something that further increases, fuels and makes conflicts more critical, beyond opening wide the doors to more destructive wars with catastrophic results that will hinder efforts to attain a political solution to the crisis in the country.

It pointed out that the brutal US attack against the Al-Shayrat air base can also be catalogued within the framework of a United States policy that adopts the principle of more military interventions in the affairs of Syria, since it had already established a military base in northeast Syria, as an advanced post for intervention with the pretext of fighting against terrorism.

The Front also made a call for being aware of the seriousness of US policy in the region, which coincides with that of its Israeli ally, in its aggression against our Palestinian people, while it adopts military force to solve Arab matters, in the style of the brutal aggression against the positions of the Syrian Arab Army at Deir Al-Zour and the horrendous killing committed by US airplanes against Iraqi civilians in Mosul.

The Front concluded its declaration by affirming that it is at the side of the Syrian brotherly people in its aspiration to put an end to war and to war actions in its country, and to move towards political solutions that would give back to Syria security and stability, and would render it the necessary capacity to rebuild all that was devastated by war and to recover its historical position in the political map of the region.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

April 8, 2017


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