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The Democratic Front condemns the crime of burning a Palestinian baby, and calls for practical measures to be taken in order to protect our people in the light of the aggressions by the settlers and by the occupying authorities

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemns the horrendous crime committed by hordes of Israeli settlers in the Palestinian village of Duma, in Nablus, that provoked a fire in the home of the Al-Dawabsheh family and the death of the 18-months-old baby Ali, besides the serious burns inflicted on the rest of the family members.

The Democratic Front further stated that the practices of the fascist settlers and their attacks against our people is the result of a policy of racial discrimination, tyranny and oppression practices by the occupying authorities against Palestinians, and is furthermore the product of the provocation staged vis-à-vis our national rights by the daily increase of the settlements, the confiscation of lands and the destruction of the interests of the Palestinian people.

It requested the NPA not to limit itself to the diplomatic movements at the UN Security Council level and the International Criminal Court, in spite of the importance of those organs, but to also adopt practical measures that would guarantee security for our people, including the implementation of the resolutions passed by the PLO Central Council at its last meeting with respect to the cessation of the coordination in security issues with the occupiers, to the dissemination of the policy of boycotting Israeli products, and to the provision of protection to agriculturalists who are in danger of seeing their lands confiscated and to the villages, towns and farms that are exposed to the settlers and to their aggressions.

It stressed the need to hurry in order to materialize the meeting of the Provisional Leadership Framework in order to establish the practical measures that would guarantee putting an end to division and unifying the national efforts in the light of the aggressive and political attack against our people, their cause and their legitimate national rights.

Central Information Office
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine

August 1st, 2015


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