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The Five Democratic Forces appreciate Egypt's move to overcome the obstacles before the Palestinian reconciliation

The Five Democratic Forces (DFLP,PFLP, the National Initiative, the People's Party and the Palestinian Democratic Union "FIDA") , held a meeting on Thursday 21/9/2017 in the central office of the "FIDA" Party in Gaza City, where the last positive developments, resulted from the Cairo dialogue were discussed.

The five parties expressed their appreciation to Egypt for its stable positions towards our national cause, especially the recent efforts, made in Cairo to overcome the obstacles before the Palestinian reconciliation and its readiness to continue its nationalist role.

They also appreciated the positive position of Hamas, to cancel the administrative committee, and enable the government of consensus to do its tasks in Gaza Strip and its improvement to conduct elections.

In addition to that, they called on President Abbas to make his instructions to cancel all actions, taken against our people in the Gaza Strip, in response to the formation of the administrative committee by Hamas, and to accelerate the movement of the national consensus government to assume its functions in the Gaza Strip and carry out its duties as in the West Bank.

Moreover, they called for the need to speed up the making of the inclusive national dialogue, to form a national unity government that will be able to process the effects of division, prepare for the elections, and complete the reconstruction in Gaza and lifting the siege on it.

Finally, the Five Democratic Forces stressed on the need to end the divisions as soon as possible, and restore the national unity, in order to devote our people and its parties, to achieve our targets and hopes in freedom, independence and return, and to face the Israeli plans, which are supported by the USA, to obliterate our national cause.

Central Information Office
September 23, 2017


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