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UNRWA's Department at DFLP calls to keep UNRWA and calls on the United Nations to reject American and Israeli pressure on it

UNRWA's Department at the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) was surprised by United Nations' response to pressure that has been exerted by United States and Israel, which led to the cancellation of a bill that was on the agenda of General Assembly on 27/7/2016 about raising the UNRWA budget by allocating part of UN budget to programs of UNRWA.

UNRWA's Department at DFLP considered the United States and Israeli pressure and the United Nations response to it , as a disregard for all the efforts that have been made by Secretary-General since the beginning of this year, especially that the idea of deducting a part of budget of United Nations came as a result in contacts that have been made at the highest levels by Mr. Antonio Guterres and Steering Committee ,which has been formed under the chairmanship of Switzerland, which held a series of consultations with about 54 countries, governmental bodies and international financial institutions, as well as the host countries, Non-Aligned Movement and Organization of Islamic Conference, which recommended the allocation of a part of the budget of International Organization for UNRWA's budget and not to reduce its services.

UNRWA's Department at DFLP said that the concern which has been expressed by Palestinian refugees, that there are US and Israeli attempts against UNRWA and its services, is right, because of many indicators that confirm once again, that there are some donor countries with its collusion with Israel, openly seeks to withdraw from their financial commitments to UNRWA and threaten its existence, beside extorting it.

UNRWA's Department at DFLP called on the United Nations not to respond to American pressure and continue to seek to solve the financial problem of UNRWA, whether through the allocation of a part of budget of United Nations or opening of other financial sources outside the stipulations of US and Israel, which want to bet the UN resolution in favor of them and extorting it financially by dissociating and ending its services in the way of imposing US administration its policies that contradict the positions of international community, which called for more than once to address the financial crisis of UNRWA as a result of problems that will arise if crisis continues.

UNRWA's Department at DFLP also called on, at the level of PA and PLO, to deal with UNRWA as a national issue that concerns all Palestinians and to confront the attempts that have been led by US administration and Israel to against UNRWA and its political, legal and service status and reduce its services at the level of all gatherings of Palestinian people. This will send a unified message from Palestinian people to the international community by holding on to UNRWA and its continued existence with the refugee problem and non-dissolution of UNRWA only after implementation of Resolution No. 194 and return of all refugees to their homes and property where they have been expelled strongly by Israeli killings and terrorism in 1948.

UNRWA's Department
Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
August 3, 2017


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